Sugaring Paste MONOCHROME 800g Hard


MONOCHROME™  is a world’s first epilation system with natural black sugar paste with mineral shungite powder. This paste is indicated specially for the effective removal of hard, course and difficult hairs.

Product for professional use. Requires training.

INGREDIENTS: Glucose, Fructose, Aqua, Shungite, Citric Acid

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How to use:

Preheat the paste in the wax heater (use minimal power) or in the microwave oven (1 minute on medium power per 1 kg of paste) to +36-38°С. Clean and disinfect the epilation area. Apply some sugar paste in the opposite direction of hair growth. Pull the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth with your free hand and at the same time tear the paste with a quick movement according to the hair growth. Use the same piece of the paste for hair removal on the other areas. Remove the sugaring residues with the Cosmetic Water GLORIA.


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