black waxing

MONOCHROME is a unique black sugar paste containing mineral shungite powder.

Full line consists of 5 products for every step of epilation process.

It is designed especially for people with “problem” hair and sensitive skin to minimize pain and skin irritation.

Shungite has a natural anti oxidant effect and a powerful anti inflammatory impact on the skin, and also helps maintain paste temperature for longer time.

Pre Sugaring Gel

Pre sugaring gel is designed for gentle and high intensity skin preparation for sugaring. 

It highly cleanses, disinfects and degreases the skin before epilation.

Aloe vera extract and D-panthenol softens the skin providing it an anti oxidant and moisturising effect.

Its soft texture provides an easy skin application and low consumption.

gel monochrome
gel monochrome

Exfoliant Gel

Exfoliant gel provides acid-mechanical peeling to remove dead skin cells and facilitate epilation of all types of “difficult” hair.

Fruit acids gently exfoliates the keratinized skin cells and moisturize the skin.

The recommended time for applying product is 1 to 3 minutes, depending on skin sensitivity.

Sugaring Powder

Sugaring powder fully absorbs excess moisture from the skin surface and prevents hyperhidrosis during the procedure.

The menthol powder provides  a cooling effect that reduce discomfort during epilation and gives skin freshness.

Its light structure prevent paste clogging, making the process much easier ang quicker.


black sugar paste

Black Sugar Paste

Monochrome sugar paste has a unique formula that gives it extra adhesiveness to easily remove short, shaved and rigid hair.

It contains mineral shungite powder that helps maintain the temperature of paste for even longer. 

Shungite also gives the follicles extra protection, and has anti inflammatory effect.

The natural black color make the process more aesthetic and pleasant.

Post Sugaring Cream

Post sugaring cream has a unique formula of natural ingredients that soothes skin and protect open follicles from any external factors without disturbing oxygen metabolism.

Shungite powder highly reduce redness and skin inflammation, while vitamin E enhance regeneration process.

Complex of wheat oil, tea tree and geranium oil creates a moisturising and deodorising effect.

sugaring cream