Classic Line

Gloria classic

CLASSIC LINE is a professional complex of products for traditional sugaring.

It consists of 6 products designed for all stages of sugaring process, from pre-sugaring preparation to post-sugaring skin care. 

It suits all types of skin thanks to natural ingredients and a high standard of quality production control.


 Pre Sugaring Lotion


It cleans the skin surface and exfoliates the upper skin layer to provide an easier and less painful hair removal.

It also has a disinfectant and defat effect witch provides a better paste adhesion to the hair and make the epilation process easier.

Is used as a first step of the procedure.

hair removal
sugaring hair removal

Pre Sugaring Scrub

Scrub on the sea salt basis is designed to remove dead skin cells that clog the paste during the epilation process. This reduce paste consumption and make the process easier.

It is very efficient for preparing dry skin and short and ingrown hair for epilation.

It doesn’t contain oil and can be easily removed with a wet wipe or cosmetic water.


Pre Sugaring Talc


Fine talc consisting of mineral components and zinc removes excess moisture from the skin.

It doesn’t clog pores and lifts hair for better adhesion and removing.

Zinc considerable reduce sweating and creates antibacterial protection during the process.

sugaring hair removal
sugaring hair removal


Sugaring Paste

 Sugaring paste comes in 5 different densities to suit every master and environment requirements.

Contains only natural ingredients so It’s absolutely safe and hypoallergenic.

The paste is highly adhesive and efficiently removes even short hair of 2-5 mm.


High quality standards and instrumental control on all production stages makes the paste stable during  the all epilation process.

Cosmetic Water

Cosmetic water is used for removing sugar paste remains from the skin.

It has moisturising and antibacterial effect.


Natural ingredients smooths the irritated skin and gives it freshness.

sugaring hair removal
sugaring hair removal

Post Sugaring Cream

Post sugaring cream creates a thin antibacterial film on the skin, protecting the open follicles.

It has a calming and moisturising effect on the skin.

Reduce redness and irritation after epilation.